Thursday, August 2, 2007

Make Music, Not Class-Divisions

Get this; in Washington state, they're going to play classical music in bus shelters and bus stops to create a non-violent environment/aura and deter criminals from hanging around the bus shelters.

What the f' is this? When Mozart composed, I'm pretty sure he didn't intend to hold the ghetto at bay in some shitty part of a Washington city. The entire thing promotes the gap between the classes and feeds the stigma of classical music being "elitest" or exclusive instead of stopping crime.

It won't create an aura in which crime will just disappear. Crime will go elsewhere, or still happen, but c'mon.....Don't use Brahms that way.

A psychologist from the Criminal Institute says the purpose of the program is to "mix different types of activities in locations that are crime-ridden to change the composition of the environment". And *then*, the bus driver said, "the reason we don't have music on the buses is that you can't please everyone. It would just cause drama."

I gotta agree with the bus driver. This has to be abuse on some level. How about taking the money the city spent on the speakers and electric equipment for every single bus stop and using it to hire quality music teachers for the underfunded schools instead of draining their funding when they don't pass tests as if the mere lack of a music class will motivate children to learn more.
C'MON people!

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