Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Monkeys and Men

Korn has done some trailer to-do about De-evolution, the idea that man is evolving backwards and that the species has taken a U-turn. However, they didn't give Devo a nod for the De-evolution theme Devo has been plugging since 1972. Casale, from Devo, has said this about devolution, "When you have an administration like we have, everybody learns that ‘fuck you’ is the rule of the day. Every time the president speaks it’s a painful example that de-evolution is real.”

Reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. There was this big dumb-humor element to it, but the truth in it stuck with me. The direction the masses are headed in pains me and movies like Idiocracy and Jesus Camp keep me up at night, clutching my pillow.

So will Korn nod in Devo's direction? Apparently, their fan base has lashed out at Devo for bringing it up. Perhaps Korn would do well to remember who they opened for in 1996's Lollapalooza (Devo). While it's true that Devo has influenced many of today's bands (Casale claims credit for influencing such bands as LCD Soundsystem, TV on the Radio, and Interpol) perhaps both need to take a step back and look at which theory they're only proving.

On a lighter note, Devo may be coming out with a new album. Their first new one since 1990. It depends on Mothersbaugh, musical genius that he is, must be swamped with Sims music. ;-)

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